Miracle Man: the Ultimate Tribute to OZZY Osbourne

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Miracle Man:
the Ultimate Tribute to OZZY Osbourne
The band was officially started in November 2011. The founding members are Ace Kincaid and Max Valentino. Ace and Max are members of the Hard Rock band Pink Slip Cologne.

The idea of starting the band came about around 2009.
Ace wanted to put together another project with the idea of playing more gigs separate from Pink Slip Cologne. So after asking Max to play guitar, we began to look for the other half of the band.
The idea to do Ozzy came about due to the fact that here in Germany there is only one other Ozzy tribute, that Ace can sing and look a bit like Ozzy and the fact that we love Ozzy.

Ace and Max began the process of looking for the right drummer and bass player in February of 2011. In October of 2011, we found our drummer.
We found him in the person of Joe 'Castillo' who had just joined Pink Slip. It was perfect for us that Pink Slip's newest member was also interested in doing Ozzy.

In November we found our bassist, Jens 'Daisley'. Jens brought that last element of professionalism that we were looking for.

As of November 2017 Jens was replaced by Pink Slip bassist Marc Valentino. Miracle Man parted ways with Jens due to irreconcilable differences.

Miracle Man welcomes Marc Trujillo into the band with an eye to the future and we wish Jens all the best for his future musical endeavors, and thank him for the great memories we shared as brothers in music.
Ace Ozzbourne- Vocals
Max E. Lee_ Guitars
Joe Castillo- Drums
Jens Daisley- Bass

……Let the Madness Begin…


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